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stolons 09/15/2012 Definition of the Day

stolons - (stolon) A running stem that forms roots via
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echo 09/14/2012 Definition of the Day

echo - a reply that repeats what has just been said via
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spiral 09/13/2012 Definition of the Day

spiral - Spirals are body jewelry that are typically used in belly button piercings #VoiceDictionary via @VoiceDictionary

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cephalothorax 09/12/2012 Definition of the Day

cephalothorax - single body segment with head (ceph) and chest (thorax) fused together
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attic 09/12/2012 Definition of the Day

attic - informal terms for a human head

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peace 09/11/2012 Definition of the Day

peace - A state of tranquility, quiet, and harmony; free from disturbance; via
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sketch 09/10/2012 Definition of the Day

sketch - A rough design, plan, or draft, as a rough draft of a book; via
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gator 09/09/2012 Definition of the Day

gator - A defensive digging technique popularized by beach volleyball players. via
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