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lissomeness 08/18/2012 Definition of the Day

lissomeness - the gracefulness of a person or animal that is flexible and supple   via
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ostentatious 08/17/2012 Definition of the Day

ostentatious - intended to attract notice and impress others. e.g.; "an ostentatious sable coat" via
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cosmetologist 08/16/2012 Definition of the Day

(cosmetology) the practice of beautifying the face and hair and skin
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cosmologist 08/15/2012 Definition of the Day

cosmologist - an astronomer who studies the evolution and space-time relations of the universe #VoiceDictionary via @VoiceDictionary

Siri 08/14/2012 Definition of the Day

Siri - The goddess Siris was the patron of beer;conceived of as a demon, but not evil.
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magic 08/14/2012 Definition of the Day

magic - any art that invokes supernatural powers via
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mars 08/13/2012 Definition of the Day

Mars was a New York City No Wave band formed by vocalist Sumner Crane in 1975.
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Chuck Norris 08/12/2012 Definition of the Day

Chuck Norris - The fad originated from a website that displayed fake facts about his godlike powers.

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